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23 Jan 2018

Sales Mastery intro: 5 Es to Close Every Sale

7 Keys to Do Well in Sales

First, examine are you over-promoting or over-selling yourself and your company/products?  If your fundamentals are not strong, over-selling or over-marketing will set you back greatly

Next, examine do you have a strong conviction: can you name 100 reasons for doing what you are doing?  If you do not have enough reasons to do what you are doing, you will have little reason to continue to do what you are doing.

Spirit of marketing: do you have the proper values in your marketing?  Like you don’t mislead people, don’t over-promise, don’t over-pressure people.

Understand your business model: why your company does what it do and have offerings like free samples?  

Know inside-out about your products and services: what benefits do you (yes, you the seller, not the customer) derive from them?  Do you have a perfect script in 30 seconds, 60 seconds and 10 seconds?

Limit your sales presentation to 30 minutes

Objections: never object, resist and defend objections.  Instead accept them first then resolve them with your heart.  Turn objections into reasons for going ahead, backed by evidence

Hate to Do Sales

Most people hate to do sales. Many prefer to do social media marketing so that they can avoid face-to-face selling.
But we know that today's world has evolved. Selling is no longer face-to-face. Many times it is over the phone, Whatsapp messages, WeChat Moments and email.
What remains is still the same: you need to close the sale. 
It is said that if you are not closing sales for your company, you are closing sales for your competitor.  (watch short video at here)
To close every sale, you need to follow a proven P-FBPA formula. You must ask questions, not just take the order. Ask "Yes" Questions only.
What happens if the prospect wants a lower price? How to handle customers that just want to delay? Check for prices?
Are there ways that we can not just close the sale, but open the relationships for life-long business?
AndyTheCoach did his first sale at the age of 5, in Chinatown's Trengannu Street when he sold a piece of face towel for 50 cents.
Since October 2001 when Andy conducted his first "Sales Power" course at NTUC Trade Union House, he has to-date trained over 13,131 people in 15 countries. Many of his students went on to become trainers, entrepreneurs, sales directors and two even became his affiliates. Now this best-selling course How to Close Every Sale is available to you at a very special CNY price: $50 each for 5 pax and above, with 1 complimentary seat.

  • Date: 26 Jan 2018 Fri 2 to 6 pm
  • Venue: 51 Cuppage Rd 07-21
  • Fee: Special $99 each
  • $66.67 each for 3
  • $50 each for 5 (with 1 free seat)
Topics covered include:

  1. Reason why most salespeople are closing doors not closing sales
  2. How to move the sale forward with 3-step formula
  3. 9 Ways to Close Every Sale
  4. Top 15 Methods to Close Every sale
  5. 68 Ways to Overcome Objections
  6. Handling Buyer's Remorse
  7. How to open doors to lifelong business with Socrates' Rock principle
Hurry! Last seats left! Details and register at

19 Jan 2018

Persistent Untruths About WeChat Wallet in Singapore

1. WeChat Wallet is not allowed in Singapore

Wechat Wallet is an e-wallet service much like Paypal or Grab money.  But it is NOT a crypto-currency like Bitcoin.  WeChat Wallet is allowed in Singapore and many people are using it everyday to pay for purchases in restaurants, shops and even training companies like ours.  The only currency allowed in WeChat Wallet in Singapore is the Chinese yuan or Renminbi. 
WeChat Wallet money is real because you need to have real Chinese yuan inside.  There are only 2 ways to fill up money in your Wallet: get someone to transfer to you or purchase Chinese yuan from an authorised WeChat agent like Fomo Pay.

2. Cannot Open WeChat Wallet in Singapore
Anyone can open Wechat Wallet in Singapore without the need to have a bank account opened physically in China. You simply use your Visa or Mastercard credit card to authenticate yourself. The process takes about 3 minutes.  In our classes, all our students hands-on to open WeChat Wallet inside the class. Some even did a real transaction in the class, like giving out or receiving red packets. 

3. WeChat is Insecure
WeChat is secure because it is backed by Asia's highest value company Tencent Holdings, and the China government. In Shenzhen, WeChat ID is used to replace physical identity card. WeChat is secure also because any transaction involving money requires a password pin, and all transfers of money that are not effected within 24 hours are simply returned to the sender.  WeChat security is enhanced by a unique requirement of NOT requiring a mobile number to create a WeChat account.

For more information on how to use WeChat like a pro and get business from tapping into WeChat, contact Andy Ng, who has been conducting over 25 WeChat classes fro August 2017 to Jan 2018

18 Jan 2018

WeChat is NOT an IT Tool but a Proper Behaviour Tool

Since conducting WeChat training in August 2017, I have, to-date (18 Jan 2018), conducted 22 classes of WeChat, mostly in English.  Recently one of my students, who was in her 70s, told me that she finds it difficult to use WeChat because she is not IT savvy.  When I told her that WeChat is NOT an IT tool, she was shocked.  Next come another shock: WeChat is a tool for you to behave properly. I asked her, "Do you know how to 做人 or behave properly"?  She retorted, "Of course Yes".  "Then you can use WeChat easily", replied me. 

Why is WeChat NOT an IT tool?  To be an IT tool, you need to be good in IT. Yet I see many old people in China that have never touched a computer before use WeChat every day to book taxis, pay for groceries, give out red packets, and even book train tickets. 

WeChat is a tool for you to behave properly. This is because if you don't behave properly, you cannot use WeChat. 

What are the common improper behaviours of people? Chief among them is to borrow money from people that you don't know.  In WeChat, you cannot borrow money from people that you have not added as a friend first.  Other improper behaviours that are not allowed on WeChat are to engage in talks that spread extreme religious beliefs, anti-government talk, sex, gambling and intoxication.  To know how use WeChat like a pro and join the 1 billion people in 21 countries that use WeChat daily, come for our course: WeChat Power.  The next course is on 20 Jan 2018 Saturday 9.30 am to 1 pm.  Details are at here

4 Jan 2018

Forced Management and You

Forced Management: Most people are doing Forced Management knowingly or unknowingly.
For example, most managers set targets for their staff and simply pressurize them to achieve the targets. They do not get buy-in to the targets, nor do they help the staff to see how they can achieve the targets.
And they assume that the staff will hit the targets on their own, if not, they will do some forcing like issue threats. Few would take time to motivate, inspire and lead the staff to hit the targets. Even fewer will sit down and listen to the staff when they cannot hit the targets.
We all know that all goals must be internalized for it to be achieved. If you don't buy-in to the goals, you will not achieve them. Even if you do achieve them in the end, you will not get the pride and satisfaction of achievement.
We also know that if people achieve goals out of their own will, they will do so happily and willingly. Miracles will happen and we can turn all impossible to possible.
So move from Forced Management to Inspire Management. You will see the results, guaranteed. See how to be an effective manager and leader at…/15-how-to-be-an-effective-manager…

Red Packets is About Authentication

WeChat opens you up to a whole new world.
You are immediately connected with 1.4 billion people living in mainland China and another 100 million overseas Chinese living in places from Tanzania Africa to Montreal Canada.  This is because just like the Chinese language, WeChat is the only tool used by Chinese.  They may use WhatsApp, Facebook or Skype, but most of them feel safer to use WeChat.  
  1. Many of us are brought up in Western influence and we do things the western way.  But when you use WeChat, you will realise that you have to do things the Chinese way.  The Chinese way of doing things is simply giving out red packets or hong bao
  2. In WeChat, people give out and receive red packets every day. A small token sum of money, maybe one Chinese Yuan or even 1 cent is okay to give in your red packets. Giving out red packet is not just about goodwill but to let people know that you are a real person and not blacklisted. As we know, in order to give out red packets, you need to set up WeChat Wallet in your WeChat account.
  3. To set up WeChat Wallet, you either must have a bank account opened in China or use your Visa or MasterCard credit cards (not debit cards) to authenticate.  This process takes easily 30 minutes to 5 hours.  Once you have been authenticated, it proves to the whole world that you are NOT a bankrupt, not on the terrorist list, and not on any blacklist of the world's financial system, which is simply dominated by Visa and MasterCard. That's why it is important to open WeChat Wallet. 
As far as I know, Chinese businesspeople are too wary of frauds and if you don't have a WeChat Wallet, it simply means you have little credibility or you simply don't know how to use WeChat.  To know how to use WeChat and how to open WeChat Wallet, come for our 20th run of WeChat for Business course as follows;


Master WeChat, the tool to do business with the Belt and Road Initiative
Date: 6 Jan 2018 Saturday 9.30 am to 1 pm
Venue: 51 Cuppage Rd 07-21 (former Starhub Centre, Somerset MRT) 
 Fee: $99 each OR $199 for 3 OR $250 for 5 (with 1 FREE Seat)
Most WeChat courses in Singapore are done by China people and they teach in Chinese. Some charge $1,500 for a half day course, while others charge $750 for a one-day course. They are good courses, just that they are taught in Chinese, and most Singaporeans prefer English.

We at Asia Coaching Training teach in English and we charge less than a hundred. Plus, we give you FREE one-month coaching via WeChat and provide very detailed notes. 

Why do we do this? Because we believe that through the use of WeChat daily, it will lead us to more business. Since conducting this course on 7 August 2017, we have done 21 batches, and have trained hundreds of people from all walks of life: NTU, Huttons Asia, AIA, KFC, SAF and many others.

This training is 100% hands-on training, which means that you will do the lesson INSIDE the class. 


  1. Why most people don't use WeChat and what to do about it
  2. WeChat as a Chinese tool: the Chinese way of doing business that works
  3. Power of Risen China and Belt and Road Initiative: how WeChat can help
  4. The 5 Ways to Market on WhatsApp
  5. WeChat as a superapp: what it cannot do as a messenger
  6. The 12 Ways to Sell on WeChat FREE-OF-CHARGE
  7. How to Get New Prospects using WeChat
  8. The 25 functions of Wechat that WhatsApp does not have
  9. How to do message broadcast on WeChat in 8 steps
  10. The 3 steps to open WeChat Wallet WITHOUT OPENING BANK ACCOUNT IN CHINA
  11. How to do cashless payments using WeChat Pay and WeChat Red Packets
  12. WeChat Official Account: your FREE mobile website
  13. How to use Fomo Pay to receive CNY (Chinese Yuan) from your customers but bank in as S$ into your local bank account
  14. The ultimate of using WeChat: transform your business and link to successful businesspeople in the world 
* Bonus: How to do Message Broadcast on WhatsApp


  1. Open WeChat Wallet without opening bank account in China
  2. Get 5,000 new prospects using WeChat Moments
  3. Do daily broadcast FOC
  4. Get promoted and brand yourself using WeChat
  5. Get linked to the people from China using WeChat


  1. Sales Managers, Directors and Executives
  2. Marketing Managers and Executives
  3. Sales Support Executives and Managers
  4. Self-employed professionals
  5. Trainers and Consultants that need to sell to people from China to survive


Interesting and informative session. This English course on WeChat Digital Marketing addressed the most common challenges I face in using WeChat in my work every day. I strongly recommend Andy Ng and Asia Trainers to my team
- Bruce Seah, General Manager, New Image International Pte Ltd
I like the part on how to open WeChat Wallet without opening a bank account in China. Thanks Andy! 
- Vincent Yin, Associate Director, Huttons  Asia Pte Ltd
I have attended other WeChat courses but this WeChat Digital Marketing by Andy Ng from Asia Coaching Training is one of the best.  Andy has made the course simple but entertaining.  I like the many hands-on opportunities in the class. Also, Andy provides FREE one-month coaching, and this definitely helps a lot in my learning of using WeChat 
-  Wendy Tsang, e-Marketer, Global E-Commerce


Trained as a Chartered Accountant with MBA from UK, Andy Ng is a Business Coach and Trainer with 30 years of professional experience.  Andy was the former Director of Finance and HR of the world's 5th largest network equipment maker Allied Telesis, which was larger than Huawei Technologies then. Since 1996, Andy has trained over 81,413 people in 15 countries. His Magnetic Selling DVD and e-book SUN ZI FOR SALES have sold hundreds of copies in 5 countries. Asia Coaching Training was, from 2001-2007, the licensee for Action International in Singapore. The clients trained by Andy include SingTel, SIM, Manulife Financial, Walton International, DBS Group, M1, Yakun, BreadTalk, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Gillette, F & N Foods, Kaplan Asia and Teleperformance Asia. Visit our blog and see him in action at


Ms Idah at 6225-1784 or Andy at 8201-4347 Email to


3 Jan 2018

What is Real Sales?

What Is a Real Sales?
Real Sales is About Chatting
Sales = Chat
  1. The real sales is a happy chatting experience, we chat about each other’s aspirations, worries, how to achieve our wishes and how to help each other take away our worries
  2. The real sales has no position, no buyer and no seller, only friends
  3. The real sales is about helping to solve your friend’s problems wholeheartedly
  4. There is no need to convince or persuade the other person if you’re doing real sales
  5. There is, of course, no pressure under real sales situation
  6. The real sales is about saying what the other person wants to listen, and we are selling what the other person wants
  7. The real sales is full of value and meaning as you the salesperson is helping your customer to solve a real problem
  8. After the closing of a real sale, the customer will say thanks. You will not feel relieved, because throughout the whole process you and the customer do not feel any pressure at all, and there is no persuasion on either side.
There are only two steps in a real sale:
  • Use your heart to understand the customer’s wishes and worries
  • Use your knowledge, product and service to help the customer fulfil and eliminate his worries
The biggest reward of a sales is not how much commission you earn, not promotion, not achieving an assignment or your sales result. The biggest reward of a sale is the trust you have gained from a person in your life.

The biggest enemy of sales is not your price, your competitor, prospect’s rejection, your product or your company’s system.  The biggest enemy of sales is your gripe, your grouse and your compliant
Translated by Andy Ng, original article in Chinese by Xu He Ning 徐鹤宁 (WeChat ID: xhngf111)



Date: 11 Jan 2018 Thursday 9 am to 12.30 pm
Venue: 51 Cuppage Road #07-21, Singapore 229469  (behind Centrepoint)
Fee: $99 each OR $199 for 3 OR $50 each for 5 and above (with 1 FREE Seat)
Hot button selling is one of the most common yet effective ways of selling.  Whether you are selling to consumers or corporate, you are still selling to human beings.  That’s why you need to press their hot buttons.
When you do the triggers, the sale is closed, and no further selling is needed. But if you press the wrong button, you’ll get an enemy.
This course de-mystifies hot button selling. It combines strategies from Barry Feig, Kim Hui and Brad Sugars. It will reward you handsomely …
  1. Problem with most salespeople: lack of triggers
  2. What is Hot Button Selling and how does it differs from selling on benefits and emotions
  3. The 14 Buttons to Press 
  4. Five Steps to Hot Button Selling: Uncover problems, Trigger Pain, Intensify Pain, Create the Heaven and Pay them Now
  5. Top 25 Strategies on the above (include your case study)
  6. Using 5 Love Languages to Trigger Action NOW
  7. Dealing with Objections the Hot Button Way
  8. Secret Art of War to Close All Sales
  9. The Ultimate in Hot Button Selling: Touch their Hearts: Create Raving Fans
Bonus: Sure-win Scripts to Close Every Sale 


  1. Close all sales immediately (with no further selling required)
  2. Higher Sales without Lowering Your Price
  3. Better Service without Increasing your Cost
  4. More Motivated Team without Increasing their Pay
  5. Higher Profits and Happier Team without Fuss


  1. Managers and Directors in Customer Service and Sales
  2. Executives in Sales, Bus. Dev. and Sales
  3. All Support Functions Executives and Managers
  4. Self-employed people in Insurance, Banking and Real Estate
  5. Retail Industry personnel


Interesting and refreshing, a wake-up call. I now know how to get more sales without incurring higher cost. AndyTheCoach at is the best in this topic!
David Lum, GM, Francois Marine Pte Ltd
I learnt about how to identify gaps and capture opportunities for growth. Thank you and your 368 strategies!
Patrick Koh, Manager, Leong Hin Foods Pte Ltd
Learning about AndyTheCoach concepts and strategies has helped me to increase my sales by 41%. I have attended 12 courses this year!
Wan Siew Onn, Sales Director of a software company


Sales Coach Andy Ng has 30 years experience: He started doing business at the age of 5. Since 1996, Andy has trained over 81,413 people in 15 countries. His Magnetic Selling DVD and e-book SUN ZI FOR SALES have sold hundreds of copies in 5 countries. Asia Coaching Training was, from 2001-2007, the licensee for Action International in Singapore. The clients trained by Andy include SingTel, SIM, Manulife Financial, Walton International, DBS Group, M1, Yakun, BreadTalk, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Gillette, F & N Foods, Kaplan Asia and Teleperformance Asia. Visit our blog at and see him in action at


Ms Idah at 6225-1784 or Andy at 8201-4347 Email to


26 Dec 2017

Training Charity

As a Lion member since 2004, I have been involved, in a small way, numerous charity projects. 

In October 2017, I decided that instead of actively involved in charity projects, I am actively involved in training charity projects.

That's why I take up this training project that pays me NO training fee.

A public service project, this 3-days powerful training program with 3 international trainers complete with meals and materials is waiving training fee for all the Singapore participants. Instead of paying the old RMB 20,000 or S$4,000, we only collect from you a mere S$299 to cover costs of overseas Trainers, venue, meals and materials cost for a 3-days program.

If you would like to be part of a worldwide audience of 380,000 people since 2011, come and join this program:

Dates: Jan 12 to 14 (Friday to Sunday, 3 full days except Sunday till 6pm)
Time: 9 am to 9 pm (except Sunday till 6 pm)
Venue: Chuay Huay Lim Club 4th Floor, 190 Keng Lee Rd (Newton MRT)
Cost (not training fee): S$299 a person or S$250 each for 2 persons
Details and video at

Only when a leader has a soul, can his enterprise have a soul!
Established in 1989, Spiritual Ocean International Group (心灵海国际教育集团), the parent company of SOHEAVEN (企业魂), is an international education group that advocates the personal and spiritual growth of each individual.
Our vision: In 20 years, making the entire world familiar with the 3 principles for life success. In another 20 years, liberate every individual on this planet from his Vortex of Life to create a loving and wealthy paradise on earth 创造富而有爱的人间天堂.
In the past 7 years, SOHEAVEN (企业魂) has held more than 1,380 world class workshops, each with participants ranging from 100 to 1,200 students, in over 11 countries and territories including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and USA.
Our flagship program ‘The Journey of Creation’ 创造之旅 has directly influenced more than 380,000 people in their body, soul and spiritual growth. Every month without fail, we conduct 5 to 10 such courses in different locations, often filling full houses with each venue.
In July 2017, SOHEAVEN’s program is made available in Singapore. Since then, we have conducted 3 runs of SOHEAVEN’s flagship program “Journey of Creation” in Singapore and trained over 300 participants.
SOHEAVEN differs from other training programs in the market by continuing to focus on the in-depth study of human beings’ body, soul, and spirit with the aim to take us away from the despair and heartache caused by primary relationship, career, and financial problems.
Every problem we faced in these three major life categories is all because subconsciously, we are still living in a slumber state. Hence, true awakening is the only answer to unlocking the key to the problems.
  • Only when you are truly awake, can your consciousness be enlightened,
  • Only when you are truly awake, can your energy stay fresh,
  • Only when you are truly awake, can you have surpassed power
  • Only when you are truly awake, can you see your future path clearly
The journey of creation is one of the few workshops in the world that encompasses all aspects of life in their teachings.
This 3-days workshop is a social service program, meaning we do not charge you any training fees. Originally offered at RMB20,000 or S$4,000 in China and Taiwan, we now offer this 3-days high-value workshop to you totally FREE of training fees. To cover the cost of materials, meals cost for 3-days, overseas trainers’ travelling expenses, training props, music and sound system, and training venue that can accommodate 150 people, we only collect from you S$299 per person or S$500 for 2 for a 3-days program complete with meals.
The magical 3-days workshop would let you come to realize how much limitations you have set in your life with your own beliefs and emotional status.
Whether it is in the area of your state of being, relationship with your family, your career, wealth, health, and motivation in life, through this powerful workshop, you will win back your power and mould and shape your life and the future as you want it to be.
3-days Workshop Contents: (in Mandarin with on-the-spot English translation)

1. State of Life Diagram from despair to creation and passion

2. Life Phenomenon as seen in a movie

3. Vortex of Life from powerless to powerful

4. 3-Steps Processing to eradicate the vortex of life

5. Drawing the Cosmic Force to solve all your life’s problems

6. Your inner world and the link to your outer world

7. Give it all: how to have this thinking

8. How to get to the paradise on earth in 4 steps

9. Getting to the root of all your hidden beliefs

10. Integrating the opposites in your life to produce the real You

11. How to increase your Maturity Quotient

12. Emptying your mind in your life’s learning

13. Your hidden resistance: roadblocks to your life’s success

14. Battle between life and death

15. How to turnaround in your relationships with your family and others

16. Your Business Enterprise and You

17. Life career

18. Building a Dream Team

19. Wealth and You

20. Realising your purpose in life

Methods of Workshop:

· Trainers’ dynamic presentation and coaching

· Group discussions and case studies

· Individual exploring

· Group exercises

· Games

· Instructions from Chief Trainer Robert Yu via video

  • Upbeat music

3 International Trainers:

1. Mr Kwok Shih Min, Soheaven Sdn Bhd Trainer (Malaysia)

2. Ms Liang Jiayu, Soheaven Hong Kong Trainer (Hong Kong)

Enquiry: Andy Ng 吴家发 at 8201-4347

20 Dec 2017

Psychological Selling

As we know, customers have certain psychology and they behave in ways consistent with their thinking.

Unfortunately, most salespeople sell the way they were taught without understanding customers psychology. For example, most are trained on overcoming objections when what they should focus on is knowing customers deeper needs and create win-win solutions.

For the first time ever in Asia, we combined the science of psychology with proven practical sales strategies and tactics. Now you can pick up sales skills seldom taught with a very special Christmas offer from us:

Date: 27/12 Wed 9 am to 5 pm
Venue: 7500A Beach Rd 02-346
Fee: Special $149 each (usual $398)
        2 pax at $99 each (67% off)
   5 pax at $80 each + 1 FREE seat (84% off)

1. 3 Steps to Psy. Selling: Excite, Eustress and Exchange
2. Power of Story Telling to Move People
3. Using mind tools to let people be Who They Want to Be
4. Making your Offer Irresistible
5. Psychology of Colours
6. SNAP Selling process
7. Use of Reverse Psychology
8. Ultimate of Psy. Selling: Touch HEARTS
9. Using Art of War hidden strategies
10. What to do when people say No to you repeatedly
Bonus: Your DISC Profile and how to sell

Limit to 18 seats only. Register at here
Andy Ng AsiaTrainers (since 2001)
1-min video at here